Product Designer

eVision is a real-time applicaiton where marketers can ask for feedbacks in Email Direct Marketing. It's often that we find ourselves in a situations where we can't do something on our own and need help or advise from someone, but we don't know who to ask or who could help us.

With eVision, all you have to do is just ask what you need, and eVision will attempt to find staff in your local store who can help you resolve your dilemma within the minutes. It's that simple.


For better understanding of users who I am designing for, we created personas based on our users. This personas guided us through the development process, helping me focusing on problem that I was solving.

User flows

Our main goal was to keep the biggest focus on the user task flows. Since the usability of metrics was low, we wanted to provide a better user experience, by breaking down required informations and actions to achieve the task. It helped us to understand the current system and its information flows.

The point of wireframes is to assign functionality to each screen and show the dependency between the screens.

Once I created the wireframes we created a prototype to simulate the navigation and gestures. It's a quick and dirty way to test and validate a product before design and development.

For prototyping we used an online tool, called InVision: The client uses the tool for remote usability testing with potential users to see, if what we are building, actually works as the intended final product. Feedback, provided by the test users, helped us to regroup and iterate over the wireframes to improve the user experience.

The outcome
After a long preparation period, I’ve focused on design. It took about a weeks to create all the designs with couple of interactions regarding the UI style. The design represents a well-thought-out UX.